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Scaly Adventures

Hosts: Rick, Pierce and Tanya
Scaly Adventures is a family friendly action and adventure broadcast television series.  Every episode highlights incredible animals, great people and educational organizations that are making a positive impact in our world.
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God's View

Executive Producer -Founder 
Host: Charlene Baktamarian 
Co Host : Lana Garner-Wildey 
Co Host : Priscilla Pruitt 
Co Host : Steffani Besch 

TV Talk Show - Anointed preaching, teaching, ministry" by the Power of the Holy Spirit" with signs, wonders, and miracles, following!
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WPS TV Originals


Vision in Motion

Founder/Executive Producer Veynell Warren 
Host: Pastor Veynell Warren

Vision is Motion is an extraordinary broadcast television show.  Pastor Warren will feature entertainment personalities, discuss current events in the culture and religious issues and other interesting topics.

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Our Men's ministry programs all center on gathering as a community around the Word of God and living lives modeled after Christ. The goal of all of our Men's groups is to help challenge participants to live out their faith while impacting others with the power and truth of the Gospel.  Be sure to stay connected and visit the events page for upcoming events and meeting times.