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Support the mission of WPS TV with your financial gift.  WPS TV is a social enterprise in the Dallas area.  We will make a social impact in Southern Dallas in a sustainable way.  We endeavor to provide training in the areas of literacy, journalism, audio and video production to youth in the inner city of South Oak Cliff and Desoto.  We rely on donations to allow us to continue bringing enriching programming to the station.

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Share-a-thon donors will receive gifts within 90 days. Shipping and handling are included.


We are actively seeking sponsorships to help our efforts go further. 
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Sponsorship Information

  • Yields significant MARKETING BENEFITS.
  • Builds BRAND AWARENESS by linking your business with high-quality programs.

Community Support

  • Generates COMMUNITY GOODWILL through support of local television.
  • Markets your brand in a local environment PROMOTING LOCAL SUPPORT.
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