Our Vision

WPS TV is an innovative broadcasting television non-profit network. We are dedicated to provide quality programming to inspire, uplift and encourage 24/7. WPS TV will stream LIVE content and host a Roku Channel listed under the Classics heading. We will seek out opportunities to grow with an extensive blend of programming and features for all ages and interests: Faith Based, Lifestyle, Adventure, Drama, Comedy, Health, Finance, Instruction, Travel, Children’s programs and Live events and more. WPS TV is committed to producing and providing quality television that will reach our viewers, refresh their lives and renew their hearts.

Our Values

Vision for the Community

By providing opportunities for youth to learn skills in media, journalism and entertainment. Recruit and train aspiring journalists.

Vision for Local Talent

By providing a platform for local talent and businesses to be on television. Showcase African American visionaries by profiling positive influences.

Vision for the Future

Strives to provide internships, jobs and training for people interested in the arts and entertainment. Build and explore diversity in programming.

Our Beliefs


The Man with the Vision


Veynell Warren

Founder & CEO

Pastor Warren is passionate about empowering others.  As a child he dreamt of being on television and changing the world to make it a better place.  Warren is a native of Dallas, TX. Warren is a graduate of South Oak Cliff High School of Dallas. He matriculated through Southern Methodist University. He subsequently earned a Doctorate-of-Divinity at DFW Bible Institute. He currently presides as the founder of Believers International Ministries since 1999 where he serves as the Pastor.  Warren is also the board president and chancellor of Believer’s Institute School of Ministry.

 As a young man, Warren’s passion for ministry began to be cultivated under his mother, Vernetta Warren. He was cultivated through learning the power of prayer and utilizing faith as a key component to a life ordered by God. As he matured in his knowledge of God’s Word and teachings, he was known throughout the community for presenting his gifts with clarity and precision.

 Warrens leadership appointment in ministry afforded him the opportunity to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ all over the world including Israel, Tel Aviv, France, England, Jamaica and Jericho.

 In the last 25 years, Warren has built an abundance of experience in the entertainment industry. Warren has written, directed and produced several stage plays including the hit gospel stage play,“Daddy’s Home,” the host of the show“It Had to Be God” on the UA Gospel Network, and the CEO of Crazy Faith Entertainment, Warren Production Studios and Crazy Faith Publishing. He has authored NBMBC’s Inspirations, A Guide to Faith, Operation to Faithfulness, Balancing Between My Master and Mate, Eyes Wide Shut, The Other Side of the Pulpit, How to enter the Spirit Realm Under the Anointing, and Chronicles of the Apostolic. Warren has made appearances on numerous television networks including TBN, UAN Network and OWN TV.

 Warren has an inviolable record in ministry. Warren is known by many across the community as a compassionate leader, counselor, mentor and servant. He also has a long history of serving the youth in his community prior to pastoral leadership. Through his leadership, many individuals have transformed their lives from defeat to victory.

 Warren is the CEO of WPS TV, he founded the business to develop social enterprise for the Southern sector of Dallas.  Warren has a proven track record for exceling and developing strong business models. Warren is the proud father of 4 children, which is without a doubt, his greatest accomplishment.

How to Watch Us


WPS TV can be seen on Digital Channel 26.3 Dallas Fort Worth.  Rescan your tuner or television to receive the channel.


WPS TV is available On Demand – From our website  ~ click watch live


WPS TV is available on ROKU.  Just open ROKU™, search WPS tv in the classics menu, then click the Channel logo. The ROKU Mobile streaming app is free for iOS© and Android™!

Contact Us

(469) 868-6018
1423 N. Duncanville Rd Ste. A, Duncanville, TX 75116